Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You can’t have anything nice with kids…


My mother often told me this when Jaxon was little, when I would brag about the awesome new guitar lamp I bought for my husband or I would tell my mom we were getting new carpet. I just thought she was exaggerating… Little did I know that she was sooo right. I’ve just about decided that I will not buy anything brand new again until the kids are much older. Jaxon basically destroys everything he touches.. LoL This I promise you!

Brand new leather couch…. The second month it was covered with pen marks…. Thanks for watching him closely daddy! Ugh.. can’t tell you all the toys we have thrown away, how many walls have been marked on, and how many precious items of mine have been broke.I’ve since learned that I can’t have anything on my coffee table, and there is really no need to have an end table if I can’t have an awesome lamp there so my point to the rambling… keep valuables up high, clear off the kitchen and coffee tables and make sure that no chairs are in distance of the valuables or the candy jar!!


  1. That is so true! We have an eye level rule in our home.

  2. I understand. My daughter is into everything!! Following you for the VoiceBoks hop.

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    Congrats again!