Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coupon Shopping!!

Ok! Ok! I'm letting the secret out....... I'm a coupon shopper!! I never pay full price for anything, I always brag about my saving (as you can tell), I use a saving card or coupon on every item I buy. I promise it isn't hard to do!! I save between $150-$300 a month. Ok... this does take some thought and planning but once you get the hang of it, it's really simple.
First, we have a few rules to follow anytime you go coupon shopping.
#1. If it isn't on sale DON'T BUY IT!
#2.Search grocery ads BEFORE u go to find the best deals and lowest prices.
#3.Take coupon binder in the stores with you, just incase you see something on sale that wasn't in the ad.
#4. Use store savings cards and coupons on EVERY item to save the most money.
#5. Always clip coupons out of the Sunday paper.
#6. Sign up with websites like I check these websites daily to see which brand websites are offering free samples and coupon. They send them to you in the mail!! I receive at least 2 samples or coupons in the mail each day now... How awsome is that!! One of my last shopping trips I bought Gain Dishsoap..... .25 cents! I now have a 6 month supply!! LoL!
#7. If you can print coupons online.. DO IT!! Find only secure websites. Usually product brand websites are the best. Although is also a great website.
#8. Write down everything you are going to buy and how much it will be. You MUST go by this sheet in the store. If it is more than you thought it would be, don't buy it.
#9. Pay very close attention at the register. If something rings up wrong it could mess up the whole price. A shopping trip could go from $6.56 to -$16.56. This would defeat the whole purpose of coupon shopping.
#10. Always get rainchecks!! I can't stress this enough!! Sometimes it's a good thing if the store doesn't have something I wanted on sale. I can wait until I have a coupon with a raincheck and get the item super cheap!!
*REMEMBER*- Coupon shopping is like a game... and you are trying to beat the store!
Good Luck Fellow Couponers!!

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