Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hearing Loss in Babies

3 out of every 1000 babies born today will suffer with some type of hearing loss and many of these babies aren’t diagnosed until months down the road. This is because only 43 states have laws passed that make sure each baby’s hearing is checked before they may leave the hospital. This means 7 states will not mandatorily check each baby! A baby with hearing loss may be given a clean bill of health and sent home and the problem may otherwise go unnoticed until the baby is little older!
Expecting mothers:
You can get a copy of your hospitals policies to find out if hearing screenings in newborns is a mandated law. After having my first child I found out that my insurance did not cover the screening but they range from $10 – $15 dollars depending on the different test used so even if it isn’t mandatory in your state you can still have it done for next to nothing!! Please make sure to get this done. It is defiantly worth it!!

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