Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tips on an average weekly coupon shopping trip.

On Wednesday afternoon, after I get the grocery ads out of the mail and the ads out of the Sunday paper I began searching ads for the best priced products! Anything I find that is cheaper than normal I circle. Anything I know I have a coupon for I circle and write the amount of the coupon discount next to the price.
After finding all the best priced items I get a notebook and start with the first store; listing the items I will buy, the price of the item, any coupon I have I write the amount and whether or not it will be doubled or tripled and finally the price that I will pay for the item.
Duracell Batteries (10 pk)  - $5.99 – ($1.00 off coupon) = $4.99  <--- This week at K-mart)
I do this with each store then after listing all my items, I write the total amount I will send in each store and the total amount of coupon and savings card savings. Then after each trip I can make sure I saved that amount if not more!! This way I can track all my savings for the month!
Make sure to only buy what you have on your list unless it’s a great deal or you have a good coupon. Also, pay close attention at the register to make sure everything scans correctly and all your coupons go through.
**Don’t forget to get your rain checks on items they are out of!!**

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