Sunday, April 17, 2011

Babies love music!! Even Rock N Roll!

During both of my pregnancies the first few times I felt my boys kick, was while I was playing the guitar with it pressed against my belly. Ok, so at first I didn’t know if they liked it or hated it. I continued to play during the majority of my pregnancy; until I literally couldn’t play because my belly was too big and I couldn’t fit it in my lap. Not to mention the babies kicked so much and so hard. It was much worse with my second son because I gained a few extra pounds and my belly got extra big.
Now with both of my boys avidly listening to my husband and I play, they really enjoy it! Dylan now crawling, likes to climb on it not really understanding the whole concept yet but Jaxon has his own “little man” guitar and strums a neat little beat. He also plays my hubby’s drums as often as I’ll let him!!
Kids love music even from an extremely young age so why not start them out early! It is a awesome hobby for the whole family.

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