Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tips for a well organized coupon binder

There are only 4 things you need for a coupon binder.
1. Binder ($0.75)
2. Notebook paper ($0.75)
3. 15-20 Clear trading card display sheets. (This is the most effective method I have found for displaying and easily finding the coupons) ($5.00)
4. coupons!!!
Total Spent on Binder : $6.50
I have a table of Contents in the front of my binder if I forget where something is I can look there.
You make your table of contents according to what coupons you have and how you want to set it up. I have mine set up with each page being for each isle in the store. I only shop at Wal-Mart now that I know they honor their price match guarantee. So I can easily go up and down each isle and look at each page to see if I have a coupon for items when I get to the isle. This way I’m not backtracking through the store looking for things!
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