Thursday, April 21, 2011

My two boys diagnosed with Dermatitis


After hearing the horror stories from my mother-in-law about her daughter suffering from a much more server form of dermatitis then I had ever heard anything about, I often worried about my first son having it. While I was pregnant I had a dream that he was born with it and it covered most of his body.

He had no symptoms of dermatitis until right after his first birthday and my mother-in-law cried when I showed her. She knew exactly what it was. I made a doctor’s appointment and he was diagnosed with Atopic Enzyme Dermatitis. It has been an ongoing battle and something I often worry about. It is very hard to keep under control and causes his skin to become extremely dry and irritated and he usually scratches, making it much worse; usually to the point of bleeding.

In the last year and a half we have been through 10 different ointments, 2 series of steroids, and many doctor visits. The steroids are the only things that work but will literally make my son climb the walls and crazy but within 2 days of being on the steroids it is almost completely cleared up. It’s so frustrating because as hard as we try we can’t keep it from happening and none of the ointments really work that well.

I’ve started noticing places on my seven month old’s ankles and I  knew he had it too. During his doctor’s appointment yesterday I showed the doctor who immediately asked, “Your oldest has it too doesn’t he?” I said yes and almost began to cry. His is nowhere near the severity of his older brothers and I hope it never will be. Only time will tell. The most important thing is they will make it through this. They are happy, healthy children, and this is something small and over time they will grow out of it.

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