Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My son cut his second tooth

I knew it wouldn’t be long until my six and a half month old son cut another tooth! He had been miserable the last few days and I felt terrible for him!! We used Tylenol and baby orajel all day long and finally at about 10:30 (last dose before bed) I felt it had broke through. He has still been miserable ever since and I hate it because I feel helpless, being unable to really do much of anything for him.
My first son didn’t get his first tooth until he was 11 months old and really didn’t have much trouble at all. He was only fussy a few days and they all seemed to come in at once. Well, one after another. He had all his teeth even his molars after only 4 months of cutting his first tooth.
I’ll be so glad when he’s feeling better and hope that he is able to get the fairly quick for his sake. He’s always such a happy baby and it is so unlike him to be so miserable. It’s really sad and hurts my heart!

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  1. he got his tooth so early. My son also have to wait till around 11months only the 1st teeth emerge.