Friday, April 8, 2011

Bird Seed

I have never really thought about it until my son became fascinated with it the other day, but children really seem to like birdseed. Running it between their fingers, stepping in it, playing with it, and making stuff with it!!

We decided to make a bird feeder stick with birdseed and peanut butter and afterword, Jax played with the birdseed for quite a while!! I know it feels really different than most anything a two year-old was played with before and he really loved it!! He even wanted to go play back in it again this morning when we went to watch the birds!

I’ve always heard that we should let your children explore everything, feel different textures, etc. and I think that this would be something WONDERFUL to add to a sensory table (with supervision of course)!! Perfect for this time of year, not to mention the birdfeed sticks you can make, and the great times you can have with your children watching and learning about birds!!

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