Sunday, April 24, 2011

I am furious with my local fire dept..

After a wonderful Easter morning, spending time with my family, we all left to go have lunch with our Grandmother. My husband, myself, and two sons were in one vehicle and my mother-in-law was in her car ahead of us by a few minutes. We were only a few minutes away from the house when a fire truck came flying around a blind curve literally in the middle of the road. I grabbed the dashboard to brace myself because I was unsure of what was about to happen. My husband reacted amazingly stopping almost instantly and pulling all the way onto the shoulder. I don’t know what would have happened if there would have been no shoulder and only a ditch or culvert.

I immediately called my mother-in-law who was trying to call me to warn us because she had been ran off the road and nearly hit a culvert. We were all extremely mad. She told me she was going to the fire department to make a complaint and I told her we were right behind her and going to do the same thing.

We did and I plan to go back in the morning to speak with the captain. When we arrived I went in alone because my husband was so mad, I was worried he may lost his temper. I was shaking when I walked in and my mother-in-law was already there and she too was visibly shaken. The EMT’s were extremely apologetic and assured us that he is going to be in serious trouble. I explained to him that my family’s life was just as important as that person that they were on their way to help and he almost caused 5 people (MY BABIES especially) that we knew of (no telling who else he ran off the road) to be seriously injured.

I will be making a trip back to the fire station in the morning to speak with the captain. And something will be done about this person. He shouldn’t be driving for the fire department. He made them look extremely bad today putting so many other lives in jeopardy.

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