Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Newborns turn into Toddlers so fast!!

Oh how I miss those days when I was able to just lounge around the house with my sweet tiny bundle of joy. I never in my wildest dream would have thought two years later I would have two boys!! But those days of peace and quiet with my little miracle and long gone and now my life is filled with so much more excitement!! Now with a two and a half year old and a 6 month old, I rarely do much else but clean and care for my babies. Not that I don’t love this, I’m just saying that the days fly by and before you know it your little newborns are walking and talking!!
My 6 month old is now starting to crawl and sitting by himself. He is still very dependent on me but I know this will soon change when he begins feeding himself and walking.
NEW MOMS – Just enjoy those first months! Those moments are so precious and if you don’t take time to appreciate the small things and the special times you will really miss them when they are gone.

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