Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Activities for Bored Toddlers–Indoor Sensory Table

So it’s raining outside. Your toddler just doesn’t seem to understand why it may not be the best idea to go play in the rain. Why not bring some outdoor fun indoors!

Water/sand/sensory tables are great ways to bring outdoor fun, indoors! Instead of the same old sand… you can put cut up pumpkin chunks on the table, around fall holidays. During the summer you could put sea shells with different textures and colors on the table. Name the different types of shells, show pictures of different animals that live in the shells (crabs, clams, ect.) Has your child ever seen a pineapple? Cut one up and add to the table and be sure to save some to sample.

Don’t have a sensory table?!? Line your sink with heavy plastic if you are worried about clogging it up and add whatever. Just pick up plastic and discard it the trash when finished.

The possibilities are endless!! Keep adding new things; different and usual things that your child usually doesn’t see.

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