Thursday, March 31, 2011

Count your blessings

Each day I take for grantided the wonderful things that have been given to me by God; my amazing husband, my precious children, an awsome extended family I joined when I married my husband, not to mention the countless other things that my husband has provided for our children and myself.

But still I haven't realized how blessed I have been! Not until seeing the devistation caused by a fire, causing a family to loose their home, cars, everything they had in their home, and their business. I am currently praying for this family and hope that they may soon be able to get back on their feet and return to a somewhat normal life. Something similar to what they once had.

Count your blessings because it can all be taken away in an instant! Be thankful for what you have and thank the ones that have helped you along the way!

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  1. Great post! Fellow Louisiana gal following you now from MBC. Thanks for following me at Reflect and Realize!