Monday, May 23, 2011

Why haven’t I learned?

Every time I get busy cleaning the house or taking care of the youngest, it seems my oldest son goes looking for something to get into! It still surprises me that he thinks he can so easily get away with stuff!! And that I always seem to leave something out!

It only takes me about a minute to change a diaper which is what I was doing went I noticed Jaxon was off somewhere being very quite. I quickly finished the diaper change and went looking for him. He was sitting quietly in his bedroom with his back to the door. As soon as I walked in the room, I could smell the strong aroma of toothpaste. I walked around him to the other side of the room to see what he had exactly.

He was feeling up his dump truck with the brand new tube of toothpaste. I asked him what he was doing and he quickly handed me the toothpaste with a big satisfied smile on his face. He had finished filling up the truck and had now picked up the toothbrush that he had hidden under his leg and began cleaning the truck.

What was he thinking? He really thought that he had done something special so I put him in the bathtub to finish cleaning his truck… now the toothpaste and everything that used to sit on my bathroom counter goes in the cabinet above the toilet. He’s 2 and a half!! Why haven’t I learned…


  1. Well, it is nice to have a clean tub and dump truck! It is amazing what little ones can get into in the time it takes to litterally blink!! I do like the toothpaste cleaning the truck, he is very bright!! Boy, are you in trouble!! Lol! Hope the day gets better!

  2. ahhahahaha!!!
    HOw cute!

    He will be a very clean person...

  3. Following you from Hopper Strategized.

    Why haven't you learned? Because like it or not, our kids are so much smarter than us! We're tired, have mommy brain and can't keep up with their energy and clever abilities.

    Lol... so precious!

  4. Well if that dump truck was anything like Mater from the movie Cars it could definitely use some brushing!

  5. *faint*...same here same here....

  6. Hi Christin! I just wanted to let you know that I've given you the "One Lovely Blog" award! You've got a great blog and I love reading your mommy moments and I applaud the fact that you are open to learning from others. Thank you for your coupon saving ideas/tips/tricks!