Monday, May 2, 2011

Baby proofing your home

Here’s some tips for making sure your home is safe for your baby. After baby proofing my house with my first son, I thought I was ready for the second crawler. I was wrong. I soon started remembering all the precautions I took at first and now I’m double checking everything to make sure if just as safe for baby number two.

Checklist for baby proofing:

1.Make sure all outlets are covered with outlet covers. Make sure no cords or blind cords are out of reach.

2. Store all siblings small toys up high and only play with supervision to insure none are left in reach of the baby.

3. Install child proof latches on all cabinets. Even if cleaners are stored up high, eventually that crawler will be walking and moving chairs quietly across the floor and getting in that top cabinet. Later on you may even want them on dresser drawers to keep the toddlers from rearranging their assortment of clothes.

4. Never leave knives, scissors, or any sharp object on even the kitchen counters. Toddlers reach for stuff without looking.

5. If you put your crawler on the floor even for a minute, scan the room and check for small items of any sort.

6. Remove dangerous furniture. (It seems the coffee table is usually the prefect height for a baby to pull up on, hit their head, fall off of. Lamps were the first thing to go in my house and coffee table was next.)

7.Make sure all doors are closed completely before leaving a room. (The bathroom especially. Don’t want baby crawling in there.)

8. Trashcans are easy to knock over and are covered with germs so they are best kept in a pantry or closet.

9.Has your baby found a favorite area to stand, refrigerator for instance, but you have tile floor. Try putting a rug in that spot to keep them from sliding down.

10.Make sure DVD racks, book shelves, etc.. are securely anchored to the wall to keep baby from pulling it down on themselves.

11. Keep electrical appliances away from toddlers. They know what to do with them and while try to plug them in so just keep them out of reach.

I’m sure I will think of a million other things after I post this so there may possibly be a Baby proofing your home: part 2!!


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