Sunday, May 1, 2011

Compost Piles

I posted about this earlier in the year when I had first started planting everything.. Usually within the first month, half of all my plants are dead but not this year. The only two plants died and they were the ones that my son pulled up. The only thing I have done differently was used compost from my compost pile. I have added it to the soil twice since planting everything and I am amazed at the results. I'll never buy expensive fertilizer again!!

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  1. Composting is great if you can do it!! We tried our first year in this house, but it just never worked out for us. We did a little gardening the 1st year, tried again last year and my husband decided we just weren't going to do it again this year. Especially since he's going to be digging up the area we used last year. Good Luck with the rest of the season with yours!!! Don't forget to post pics! I'm already a follower, but hopped over from the hop!