Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Extreme Couponing

I have learned over the past six months that I can easily save 50% weekly on my grocery bill. From spending $100.00 – $160.00 to spending $50.00 – $80.00. You can check out all this tips on my couponing page.

Now, I’ve decided to try my hand at extreme couponing. The objective is to get every single item for free or only pay taxes. My first trip I got $19.00 worth of merchandise for $1.35. I went again today and got about $29.00 worth of merchandise for $4.04.

First, you have to find out all the local store’s coupon policies. They are all different, so you have to know if any double and triple on which day of the week. Find out if the store will accept 2 coupons on 1 item; say a online store coupon and a manufactures coupon. In my opinion the store that does this is the best one to go to, if you can get 2 coupons on 1 item. I recently found out that my local Target will allow me to use a manufactures coupon out of the Sunday paper and a printed coupon just for Target, this way, I can sometimes save $3-$5 on a single item.

You can sometimes find stores that will give you money back on an item. If say, your coupon was for $3.00 and the item was on sale for $1.50. If you find a store that gives you money back on the item you can put it towards your sale tax or toward another item. Some stores may only give you cash up to a certain amount and some many allow every cent to carry over and you can get cash back.

It is so important to know every single stores policies. I recently went to target and the cashier tried to tell me I had too many coupons and couldn’t use anymore on that transaction. I had to ask her to try it anyways because as many times as I have been in, I had never been told that. She tried the last 3 coupons on my most expensive items and they worked. Unfortunately, I think she wanted me to pay full price for those last 3 things. I would have had to void the last three items and paid for them separately.

Do some research to find out what is on sale that week. I’ve started checking Target’s website because there are tons of discontinued items and sale items that don’t end up in the weekly ad and they are at every store!

If your coupon does not specify the certain size of the product, it is best to buy the smallest or trial size so that the item will be free. Unless you can find a really good sale and the larger item would still be free.

Good luck fellow couponers!


  1. I am always so impressed when I read about a mom who does this! How much time a day does it take you? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my - I really want to do this, but I am so intimidated by all the rules! I think I'll just need to sit down and do it!

  3. I'vw had a few good shopping trips where I've saves 60% to 50%---some of my best savings have been at CVS-getting bucks back ect--last week I bought over $75 worth of beauty & household good and my out of pocket was under $7!!!

  4. I'm still averaging the same grocery bill, even though I save about $25 a week. I have been able to stock up on some things we normally use. I may need to switch stores for more savings. HEB doesn't allow more than one coupon per item.

  5. Christin, I must admit I've been impressed, and even a bit envious, or those who do this whole couponing thing so effectively! But the way you write about it makes it seem much less intimidating:-) I'm going to be trying some of your ideas. Even though its just me at home right now, every little bit saved makes a difference!

    ~RJ, the HOPE Coach

  6. You've inspired me to coupon. Thanks for the awesome tips and advice.

    I'm following ;)


  7. My younger sister does some kind of coupon program where she even gets money back and pays zero at checkout. I hear she's quite good at it though. All of these coupon programs really weren't there when I raised my step-daughters, or I just didn't know about them. I think they're fantastic!

  8. OMG Christine .. your killing me ! LOL
    If I can do what you do, My boyfriend would be in his glory !!!
    He watched Extreme Couponing with me once and he turns to me and says " Why can't you do that, that is what I am talking about " (shaking my head )

  9. I'm forwarding this to my friend. I found you on Moms to remember! Have a great day!

    Dallas Single Mom Examiner!