Monday, May 30, 2011

New flower bed and more flowers added!

We put in a new flower bed yesterday. Hubby brought home a bunch of really awesome new plants.


My hubby, doing all the hard work for me… Thanks babe.


This is called a Persian Shield… very awesome. Should be about 4 foot tall by next spring and an extremely hardy plant that can stand below freezing temperatures of –30 degrees!


Hibiscus shrub that we haven’t decided to put in the ground yet. the hubby was told it would die and not come back the following year but he may have been misinformed, as I’ve seen a few in this area that were in fact in the ground and quite large. Hoping if any of you southerners (Louisiana, Texas, Ark, Miss) may be able to tell me about your experiences growing Hibiscus scrubs.


Heirloom cherry tomatoes.


  1. Great job!! I am so pleased that I put in a flower garden this year! Hope you enjoy it!!

  2. So fun! I'm anxious to start planting this year. I just need to get rid of all my weeds first!

  3. Those tomatoes look amazing! We finally got our little plants put in last Friday. They had been sitting around since Mothers' Day waiting for good weather.

  4. Fancy that Hibiscus! It's my country National flower


  5. I wish I had a green thumb! looks like it was a good weekend!

  6. the best part of spring/summer is planting a garden. good luck with yours! if we were neighbors, i'd share with you. my hubby is putting together a garden with the children - cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, lettuce, basil... i'm not sure what else. this year, it's his project with them! :)

  7. What a great garden! We still haven't done ours, hope we get it done soon. Following you from VoiceBoks!~Lisa
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  8. Yummy tomatoes! You already have some, eh? How long after you planted them did you get tomatoes? We just planted a tomato plant in a large planter this weekend, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't kill them!
    Gina from vB

  9. Looks delicious, beautiful, and fantastic all rolled into one! We just planted some new irises (I know, not the season, but a friend gave them to me) and they're doing great. Hubby planted SIX sego palms in and around the front yard too. We don't have room for a full-blown vegetable garden, but we do have a nice herb garden. I think I mentioned my rosemary -- it's so huge, it's bigger than my 8 year old daughter!

    Samantha from vB

  10. Hi Christin!
    I enjoy reading your blog, it's such a good combination of tips, deals and posts. I gave you a Versatile Blogger award on my blog :) Stop by sometime if you want to read about it!

  11. Yummy :) tomatos!

    Uh....did you get a full fence yet? Still loving the gate!
    Sharon at voiceBoks

  12. Oh they look great! I'm your newest follower from:

  13. Those tomatoes look amazing!!!!! Nice garden! I planted a garden this year and I'm so happy I did. There's something about going out there and watering every day, watching everything grow...

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