Monday, May 2, 2011

Transitioning to the “big boy bed”

Before my second son was born we began working on this transition making sure that my oldest son was involved in the process every step of the way and we also made sure he completely understood what was going on. He knew why he was getting a big boy bed (too big for the crib basically and climbed in and out of it) and that his new brother would be needing a crib before long. He “helped” us put it together and picked out his new bedding and he helped pick out coordinating bedding my his little brother’s crib.

We first put the toddler bed together and got the bedding on and got Jaxon ready for his first night in the big boy bed. We explained that he had to stay in bed just like in his crib and that just because he was able to get in and out didn’t mean that he could get up in the early A.M. hours and play.. 

The first week, there were many trips back to bed, extra stories read, more water, blah blah and after a while it just got really old. We stopped with all the extra stuff just repeatedly putting him back to bed, kiss, and a firm good night and after the third night it became easier. It took about a week and a half total, he was used to the whole idea and was perfectly fine with it. He now goes straight to bed with no arguments; Oh I’m sure this will change as he gets older but for now thankfully he’s cooperating!!

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