Monday, May 2, 2011

Running errands with more than one child

It’s hard enough to run errands with one child let alone two!! I don’t know how the women I see in the grocery store with 3 and 4 kids do it!! I commend them greatly!!

New mother’s of two sometimes have a hard time taking their children anywhere. I know I did for about six months. I would go to the lengths of postponing shopping trips until I had an extra hand or someone to watch one of the kids. I’ve had horrible experiences with both of them at the store that lead me to do this.

I have since decided that I am just going to have to do what I have to do basically and have started running all my errands during the day with both of them. Recently all our adventures have went well.

If you can detain both the kids (double-stroller- this is best but sometimesit is too much of a hassle especially if you’re trying to push a buggy too. When both kids can sit up, the buggy is just fine. I’m able to use it now and as long as the oldest son is locked in, we are good to go.

Make errands as quick as possible. You don't  want to be in the middle of the store when your toddler decides to throw a tantrum. Hopefully you have made it to the register.

Keep snacks, toys, and Sippy cup handy. This may keep you from having to buy toddler’s impulse buy! I’ve learned to deal with the tantrums even though others haven’t and it still makes me mad when I see someone just staring! OK! You know the kids throwing a fit get over it! When I see this, I think to myself, yeah that could be Jaxon… ignore it.


  1. Oh I understand all to well about the grocery trips with three kids. Granted my oldest is 5 years older then my second, though my second is only 21 months older then my baby who is now 10. & still I hate going to the stores with the both of them.. Nick does not go to the store as much, he rather stay home and play video games or hang out with his friends.
    What a great blog ... will be back again ;)


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  3. New to your blog via the year long blog hop!!!

  4. Sometimes I think I'd rather dine on snot than run errands with more than one child, let alone four! When I take all four it becomes THEIR errand, not mine...but I suppose it's ok because their antics and joyful faces lift me up (except when they fight with each other - then I have to threaten to call Daddy :-)

    XOXO Great post! It's good to know I'm not alone!