Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fairy Garden

I've been addicted to Pinterest recently and have been trying out lots of new ideas that I've seen. Yesterday, I ran across an adorable fairy garden, complete with a tiny log cabin and lots of little nick knacks repurposed as fairy furniture. So, I pulled out my wood carving kit and started digging through my craft chest and found many little items to use.

I used little key charms from old necklaces, lots of glass beads, colored wire, and lots of other little junk that I've been collecting for no apparent reason. I strung up the little keys, tiny silver rings, and little colored bead resembling gems on some wire collected to two tiny pieces of dried bamboo I had laying around the yard to create some fairy treasure.

I then collected some sticks out of the yard all around the same size, as straight as possible and removed all the bark with a small wood carving knife. After I figured out the design I wanted to use (not very difficult, just a basic Lincoln log type house) and cut down all the twigs to the exact size, I then began constructing. Using hot glue and gluing only on the inside of the house to keep all the glue from showing I stacked all the logs and created an high arc type roof. Then hot glued some square colored beads for the windows, doors, and chimney.

I crunched up all the bark taken off the twigs and used it to create a path from one side of the flower box to the other then used flat white beads (buttons would work as well) as stepping stones on top of the bark path.

I found some colored beads in the shape of leaves and flowers so I used those with the wire to create tiny flowers lining the path as well. Small sticks stuck in the dirt would also make a very cute little fence to line the path or create a yard around the cabin.

On the opposite side of the flower box from the little cabin I made I campfire and sitting area complete with a mini fire! I simply half buried a tea light citronella candle and placed a bark path around the candle. I also made some little benches that I put around the fire..

I thought this was such a great idea and the possibilities for it are endless!!

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